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Duties Of The President

(2 Year Term)


The President shall conduct the daily business of the Association and be the Chief Officer, with the power and the duty to enforce and interpret the Bylaws, sign contracts and agreements, with the consent by majority vote of the Board of Directors. The President will represent the Association before the public either personally or through designees, appoint and remove members of all committees with the consent by majority vote of the Board of Directors, serve as ex-officio member on all committees, cause a budget to be constructed and an annual audit to occur, and preside over meetings of the Board of Directors and the membership. The President is the supreme advocate for the members and employees of the bargaining unit. The President should be familiar with the programs, priorities, and communications of the IEA-NEA and the NEA and pass along such programs, priorities and communications to the leaders and members of the organization. Further, the President shall have the power and duty to perform all acts generally associated with the nature of the office and such other duties applicable to the office. During his/her term, the President will serve as Region Council Representative.