BSEO Policies 


1.     Name:                      Bereavement/Illness  Donation

Purpose:                To provide payments for members in time of need or other   special situations. BSEO may provide funding for special situations as listed below.

The BSEO will make a contribution of $50.00 to a member’s family as well as $50 donation to the member’s family charity of choice in the event the member passes   away.

The BSEO shall make a contribution of $50.00 per instance for the purposes of sending a get well wish to members in the event of major surgeries and extended illness which may result in the use of the Sick Bank.

2.     Name:                      BSEO Check Signatures

Purpose:                To provide 2 Executive Board signatures on all BSEO  checks

All Executive Board members will have their signatures on file with the Barrington Credit Union. 2 signatures will be needed for all checks. 

3.     Name:                      Payment/Reimbursment

Purpose:                To provide a system for reporting and reimbursement of all BSEO approved expenses incurred by members

Members who attend an approved BSEO conference, training or event that requires any payment and/or reimbursement by the BSEO, must submit all receipts to the BSEO Treasurer no more than 30 days after the date of a BSEO approved conference, training or event . In the event the receipts are not submitted within 30 days of the approved BSEO event, the member will forfeit any and all rights to attend an event that is paid for  by the BSEO for the following two calendar  years.

4.     Name:                      Waiver of Weingarten  Rights

Purpose:                To allow members to waive their right to union representation

Members who elect to waive their right to union representation will sign the Waiver of Weingarten Rights that will be provided by the BSEO prior to their meeting with their    supervisor.


5.     Name:                      Executive  Board Stipends

Purpose:                To provide a stipend for the Executive Board Members

A stipend for the Executive Board members will be added to the BSEO Budget and voted on each year at a General Meeting. The stipend will not exceed $599 per position. In the event an Executive Board position is Co-Chaired, the stipend will be split evenly. The Executive Board members include the President, Vice President, Membership, Treasurer and Executive   Secretary.