Covid-19 Info


The BSEO wanted to share out helpful links in regards to the district's "Roadmap to Reopening." This page will provide you with helpful summaries and a central location to help you navigate the information sent to staff and the community.

Roadmap to Reopening: 21-page detailed plan to reopening published to parents, students, staff and the community

Roadmap to Reopening Presentation: This was the presentation that Dr. Harris presented on Tuesday's Board Meeting. Essentially, a summary.

Roadmap to Reopening Webpage: Any news and information from the district will always be published on the district website.

Staff Attendance FAQs: Staff FAQ Q&A, mostly regarding sick leave and policies with HR. Also, a comparison sheet between FMLA and Expanded FMLA from HR.

School Year Calendar: Published to students and staff, remember the calendar is still under revision. According to our Board of Education, a new school-year calendar will be approved at the next board meeting to reflect the new Illinois law regarding November 3rd as a state holiday (voting day). The updated calendar will become available pending approval, click here to access district calendars on the Barrington webpage.

COVID 19 Consent form: Click Here to download and fill out this form before you get your first COVID shot.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to your building reps or the BSEO Executive Board.

Thank you for everything you do!