BSEO Minutes


2/2021: February Monthly Meeting


    BSEO Executive Board and Member Attendance (Zoom Report)

General Announcements:

    Board Candidates:

        BEA/BSEO interviewed candidates, and choose four candidates to endorse: 

            Erin Chang (Click here for bio and more information)

            Lauren Klauer (Click here for bio and more information)

            Tom Mitoraj (Click here for bio and more information)

            Sandra Bradford (Click here for bio and more information)

    IPACE Account- this account may be used for campaigning purposes

        Donating $3,000.00 from the IPACE account ($6,800 currently in the account)

        Nothing in the near future, where this account would be needed.

        Motioned by Shawndra Shelton, second by Deb Cory (Motion carries)

        Looking for volunteers to help canvass and support these endorsements.

Covid Sick Bank

    A COVID Sick Bank would be separate from our BSEO Sick Bank and would be granted to BSEO members that have maxed out of their personal time off. 

    If we create a COVID Sick Bank, the BSEO would use three sick bank days, and the Board would donate two days.

    BSEO Sick Bank currently at 175 Days. All unused COVID Sick Bank days would be added to the BSEO Sick Bank.

    Staff members who have longevity (over 221 days) can donate more than 1 day.

    Five Days M: The BEA, BSEO, and Board have settled on a max of five COVID sick days.

New Business:


        If you are interested in the Elections Chair, Treasurer, President, or RA rep please reach out to the Executive Board.

        Update on Contract:

        No update from the request for the contract extension. Ideally, we would like to negotiate with the new Board of Education.

Member Comment:

    Questions regarding COVID sick bank:

        Do part-time WFH employees qualify for this benefit?

            Yes, they qualify if needed but it may be adjusted to .5 days.

        If you donate days, would this count toward sick days used and therefore affect the Good Attendance Incentive (Article 15.15)?

            No, it will not count.

        A deadline of March 31st seems too soon, can that be extended? 

            No, unfortunately, the district is limited due to legislation.

        At the beginning of the year, some employees were transferred to other buildings. Have there been any conversations with HR about what it would look like when we return to full in-person instruction?

            The BSEO Executive Board will discuss this with HR.