BSEO Minutes


 10/10/2018: October Fall Meeting Minutes Summary:


  • 85 union members signatures and BSEO Executive Board

General Announcements:

  • At the BSEO General Meetings (held every fall and spring) every attendee will receive an entry raffle ticket and be in the running for cash prizes.

  • 2018-2019 Budget presented by Kim Martinez

    • Vote Tallies: (85: Yes, 0: No)

  • BSEO Executive Board Elections: Bylaw Change

    • Spring 2019 (2-Year Term) President and Treasurer

    • Spring 2019 (1-Year Term) Membership, Vice President, and Secretary

    • Spring 2020 (2-Year Term) Membership, Vice President, and Secretary

    • Vote Tallies: (85: Yes, 0: No)

New Business:

  • Tom Walsh (For BSEO Members Only)

    • Supplemental EEL Program Coverage  (Paperwork) School Nurses, Physical Therapists, Athletic Trainers- Million Dollar Coverage for $13 per year. (Information Here - Link Pending)

    • DCFS Information card with information if a case is filed against you (Link Here)

    • How to file a claim with EEL Program NEA (Link Here)

Member Comment:

  • Questions regarding your specific pay questions, Contact:

  • iPad Roll-out has been paused for the time being. Every employee will have a device before the school year is over.

  • Nurses Off-Duty:

    • HR is working with Eva Detloff to answer questions and will be educating building admins.

Please see our BSEO Website for additional information.

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