BSEO Minutes


5/2021: May Monthly Meeting


General Announcements:
Insurance Committee
        Due to positive performance, increases will be in budgeted projections
        PPO-750 has increased $20 per year.
        Increase in WebMD for PPO members, and they will start offering that for the HMO members (only a $10 copay for minor things)
Pre-Labor Management
        9 million dollars for COVID relief funds, these funds are being used to reimburse the district with the purchase of PPE,                Cleaning Supplies, HVAC adjustments, etc.

New Business:
        Barrington 220 has a new Board of Education. It includes three new members and a new president. 
        Thank you to the BSEO for a great year, especially with the pandemic!

Member Comment:
        RIFT: The District is optimistic about BSEO staff members returning in the fall. 
        Welcome Back Meeting: Breakfast for the BSEO?
        Revisit in July/August for Fall of 2021 - Space limitations and budget
        Elections Chair training in August for Andy Walsh and Lonnie will provide additional training or documentation.