BSEO Minutes


12/2020: December Monthly Meeting



BSEO Executive Board and Member Attendance (Zoom Report)


General Announcements:

-Elections and Insurance: More information coming soon
-Membership cards are on the way. If you did not receive one please contact the BSEO Executive Board.
-No Quorum: Meeting Minutes and Treasury Report will be voted on during the January Meeting.


New Business:

-School Board Candidate Endorsements: BSEO representatives will evaluate
the candidates to provide the district with recommendations.

-Contract Extension: BSEO President sent a proposal to our Superintendent.
If the district agrees, more information will be sent to our membership.


Member Comment:

BSEO T-Shirts: BSEO will not be charging staff at this time if members
need a replacement shirt. Please contact the BSEO Executive Board if you need a replacement.